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CHI REI INC. was established in 80 years of the Republic of China, specializing in the marketing of various types of domestic small and medium - sized screws, and later due to market saturation, 86 years of development and marketing of China 's largest brand (Chunyu Factory Co.) Steel and bridge bolts. 88 optimistic about the city and filling material with the original marketing channel-related, then the introduction of foreign brands of the three fill materials (DOWCORNING, TOSHIBA, SIKA), to increase marketing channels. 93 years of real estate market began to improve the quality of the built quality, the assessment of market follow-up needs, and Taiwan's Dong Tao Co., Ltd. (TOTO) cooperation in the introduction of Japan's high-quality bathroom equipment, and the establishment of marketing outlets. 19 years has always been to uphold the "honest, work together, together, the letter of truth" business philosophy, to achieve "quality leadership, service first, efficiency first" marketing direction.